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With more than 250 services professionals, PowerSchool provides the most comprehensive and robust consulting services in K-12 education. The strength of our team reflects our educational background as teachers, district and school administrators and technical consultants.

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The Master Schedule Building Workshop (MSBW) is a two-day interactive,
hands-on training experience that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of manual master schedule building that will greatly enhance the use of any scheduling software.

  • Build a Master Schedule with less effort in less time
  • Significantly reduce student conflicts and improve multi-section course balance while still honoring special staff requests
  • Produce a Master Schedule that satisfies both students and teachers, and maximizes staff and facility utilization
  • Please note, this workshop is not software specific
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The PowerScheduler Prepare to Build is designed for schools that have not previously built a master schedule in PowerScheduler, are new to scheduling concepts, or need extra assistance in working through the preparation process.

Courses are offered both online and in-pearson.

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