Whenever I need help I go to the following sources before asking Pearson PowerSchool Support.


PowerSource – Pearson’s PowerSchool Official Resource

PSUG Yahoo Group – Thousands of PowerSchool users congregate here to ask questions, get best practices, case studies,

Power Data Solutions – Hundreds of PowerSchool customizations and advanced users gather here and share information.

Oracle PLSQL Glossary – For SQL queries for PowerSchool.


PowerSchool University – The Official Event Hosted by Pearson. Every heavy PowerSchool user should go to this once.

PSUG-MI – The largest user group in the United States. After you have a strong grasp of how PowerSchool works, this is the go to be at.


SQL Developer by Oracle – GUI interface for SQL Statements

Visual PST by Park Bench Software  – If you need to create new object reports – this will save you tens of hours.


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