PS 10.X Minimum System Requirements

It would be nice for PS to publish this information openly so its easier to find and I don’t have to login to find certain information that’s easy to find.

Here’s recommended hardware specifications:

You can find it on PowerSource, but I need it for quick access from Google.

All-in-One Solution – Up to 3,000 Students

This is a one-server Microsoft Windows solution with the Oracle database and PowerSchool Tomcat application node residing on the same server. This covers the needs of all districts up to 3,000-student enrollment.

Combined Application Node and Database:

  • Processor: (2) Six-Core CPUs

  • RAM: 16 GB (If purchasing new server hardware, 32 GB of RAM is recommended)

  • Disk: 100 GB 15k Serial-Attach SCSI (SAS) (OS, Tomcat); 250 GB 15k Serial-Attach SCSI (SAS) (Oracle Database)

  • RAID: RAID 1 (OS, Tomcat) and RAID 10 (1 plus 0) (Oracle Database)