PowerSchool, Power Teacher and Java 7 Update 45

Java/Oracle, Apple/Mac, and Google/Chrome have not been able to get along for quite a while.

Oracle is trying to patch all of the security holes in Java.

There will be another major update in December.

Screen Shot 1

If any of your teachers work with Macs and PowerSchool they probably have dealt with this today.

Pearson PowerSchool has provided a work around and this is what we did.

As a PowerSchool Administrator:

  1. Login to PowerSchool Admin
  2. Click on “System” Under Setup
  3. Click on “System Settings”
  4. Click on “Global Server Settings”
  5. Under PowerTeacher Gradebook Settings – External Access select Enable alternate deployment method for PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  6. Choose “Macintosh Only”
  7. Hit “Submit”

This will allow teachers to skip the JAR file and open the Gradebook shortcut itself, but the teachers have to login again to gain access.