PowerSchool 9.1.1 is Now Available

Now that PowerSchool 9 has been out for a while and a lot of the bugs from the next major revision has been caught hopefully.

I will be upgradingĀ our PowerSchool installation from 8.1 to 9.1.1.

PowerSchool 9.1.1 is now available for download from PowerSource.

For detailed information about the release, see the PowerSchool 9.1.1 Release Notes, available on PowerSource.

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Full support on client systems of Microsoft Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge
  • Delete all future attendance records when transferring a student
  • View page permissions default setting

Key Fixes

  • Resolutions for improved resource utilization and overall stability

  • Interval attendance not saving

  • Localize PowerSchool: unable to translate smart pronouns