PowerSchool 8.3 is Now Available!

As always if you have a lot of customisations I would install on your test server and do a live side transition over a long break.

PowerSchool 8.3 is Now Available

PowerSchool 8.3 is now available for download from PowerSource.

For detailed information about the release, see the release notes document, available on PowerSource.

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Create calendars at the district office and “push” to multiple schools at once.
  • PowerSchool sites using an external identity provider can configure PowerSchool as a SAML service provider.
  • When using the PowerSchool SAML Single Sign-on to a third-party system, the SSO authentication can now be configured to include the state school IDs associated to the user.
  • A migration readiness check has been added for the custom field migration to database extensions.

Key Fixes

  • Copy Master Schedule displays different name and dates.
  • Request type of Required on Class Registration screen cannot be translated.