PowerSchool 8.0

Exciting news! As always wait a few weeks to upgrade… and let everyone else find the bugs and problems. I’m going to wait at least to 8.1.

PowerSchool Back to School Announcements

PowerSchool 8.0 is scheduled for release in spring of 2014. In this release, Pearson is excited to introduce numerous improvements, including the ability to upload and attach electronic documents to the student record; the ability to secure certain data elements down to the field-level; a new version of the PowerTeacher Gradebook that is impervious to Java updates; and numerous enhancements and defect resolutions aimed at improving day-to-day usage of PowerSchool.

In addition to these changes, Pearson has also evaluated the PowerSchool system requirements and will be making some minor changes to the minimum and recommended specifications for PowerSchool 8.0. The new hardware and software requirements document is planned for release no later thanĀ March 31, 2014. This notice is intended to inform you of these changes in advance of the requirements being published in order for you to begin your planning should your district be affected by these changes.

In advance of the full published specifications, Pearson can provide the following insight and direction to help support your planning and budgeting activities:


  • Customers currently meeting the recommended hardware requirements for PowerSchool 7.x will meet the new minimum requirement for PowerSchool 8.0 and as such, would have minimally sufficient hardware to support version 8.0.

  • Customers currently meeting the minimum hardware requirements for version 7.x will be required to make minor upgrades to their environment to support PowerSchool 8.0. For planning purposes, customers with an environment at the minimum requirement can look to the recommended requirements for PowerSchool 8.0 to get an idea of the kind of investment necessary. For more information, see theĀ recommended hardware specification for version 7.x.